laughingBirgitte Gorm Hansen

Birgitte is renowned for her high standard in teaching and a deep commitment to inquire alongside her students. Starting in Buddhist meditation as a teenager, she brings more than 20 years of spiritual practice to her work. In her teaching she invites the inherent wisdom of the body to guide yoga practice both on and off the mat. She has a nerdy and fun approach to teaching and never ceases to learn from her body, her students, her colleagues and her teachers.

For the past 14 years, she has been dedicated to teaching yoga dynamically. She is based in Copenhagen but teaches workshops and retreats around Scandinavia and Europe. She has taught workshops for yoga teachers for the past many years and have served as external examiner, guest teacher and assisting teacher in several teacher trainings. Birgitte is a mother, a psychologist, a writer and until 2015 she functioned as one of the few senior teachers in Dynamic Yoga. The Dynamic Yoga Training Method constitutes the core of her teaching, yet at this point in time she  does not see herself as a representative of any particular teacher or style of yoga.

Birgittes work is influenced by the following teachers:

Lakha Lama, Tibetean buddhism (since 1992)

Godfrey Devereux, yoga (since 2001)

Genpo Roshi, zen (since 2013)