APRIL 12:  Human intelligence as the key to life and yoga (evening talk 17.00-19.30).

This talk will explore the depths and subtleties of human intelligence to contextualise and fertilise yoga and meditation practice and their relevance to daily life. It will explore the three aspects of human intelligence and their interrelationships: somatic, cerebral and spiritual.


To become intimate with the subtle presence and nature of the body is to become able to be intimate with mind and consciousness. Only then is it possible to fully integrate the intelligence and power of consciousness with that of mind, so that mental activity can be grounded in the nondual intelligence of consciousness. This workshop will present a progressive methodology for accessing the nondual, impersonal intelligence of consciousness from the body. No prior meditative experience required.

APRIL 14:  TANTRA YOGA WORKSHOP   (10.00-18.00)

The postural practices of Hatha Yoga have their origins in Tantra. The Tantric approach to life regards the body as a temple,  and its sexuality as an expression of spiritual energy. The systematic sensitisation of the bodimind through subtle, sensitive action can be used to access, awaken and integrate the subtle energy body. In doing so core sexual energy  is released as a healing, nourishing circulation throughout the whole body that enlivens and harmonises both body and mind. This workshop will explore the somatic practices (asana, bandha, mudra and pranayama) that unlock the healing power of sexual energy as a process of deep psychosomatic and spiritual release.

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