This is the first out of three workshops introducing the 7 universal actions supporting yoga posture practice. The morning session will introduce the basic principles for activating the hands and arms. The class is based on a specially sequenced vinyasa training series (vinyasukshmasya) which strengthens and awakens the upper body, mobilizes the shoulder joints while integrating and sensitizing the body as a whole. Awakening the muscles in the hands and arms will not only support the wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck but also affects the breath and the entire spine. The class sets the foundation for yoga postures where the hands are on the floor but also supports the spine and torso a broad range of other yoga postures. The class ends in deep relaxation and seated meditation.

The afternoon sesssion will clarify the principles behind the morning session through guided explorations on your mat. The day ends in a gentle flow of yoga postures which mobilize and relax the upper torso and neck while releasing the natural rythms of the breath.

After the workshop you will recieve an image file with the vinyasukshmasya series to help you continue your practice at home .

This workshop trilogy runs over three saturdays and is open to all. Beginners will recieve a solid and safe foundation for starting yoga posture practice. Experienced studetnts and yoga teachers will increase their sensitivity and gain a deeper understanding of how the seemingly separable parts of the body work together as a whole. Each workshop is based on a corresponding vinyasa training series which allows you safely practice on your own.

Prices: 500 DKR for each workshop day (cheaper if you book all three workshops with a Yogacentralen Punchcard)

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